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Action Plan:  Habitats
  • Maintain existing mosses by resisting further losses or degradation, promoting appropriate, sustainable management and encouraging environmentally sensitive management of adjoining land.
  • Restore degraded mosses by promoting appropriate management, including the restoration of water levels and the clearance of scrub.
  • Ensure all existing mosses are maintained in a favourable condition by 2010.
  • Initiate restoration on all degraded mosses by 2005. 
Total achievements to date (November 1998 - March 2001)
  • SWT have purchased 23.33ha of land adjacent to Loynton Moss SSSI with a view to restoration and protection of the current peat bog of 13ha. A hydrological monitoring survey has been commissioned at Loynton Moss SSSI for the protection of the bog. Expected completion 2002.  
Current Action
Protection and Policy
  • All the current intact mosses within Staffordshire are notified as SSSIs.
  • Two degraded mosses are classed as Grade 1 SBIs.
  • Biodiversity and landscape value have been promoted to local parish councils via presentations through SWT.
  • A Regional Mosses and Meres Group has been established.
Management, Research and Survey
  • All three intact Mosses are managed for their nature conservation interest (one by English Nature and two by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust).
  • The landowners of two former peat bogs have been contacted to ask if they would allow feasibility studies to be carried out on their land. Limited progress to date.
Shooters Pool at Chartley Moss
(Copyright Andy Jukes)
Action Plan

UK Lead Organisation:
Meres and Mosses Forum

County Lead Organisation:

  • Ensure any examples of mosses that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee) 
  • Continue to manage all active peat bogs and ensure that these sites keep their integrity as active raised bogs. (EN, SWT)
  • Secure appropriate management of the 'buffer zone' land surrounding Loynton Moss. (EN, SWT)
  • Seek to restore two former mosses within the Mosses and Meres Natural Area. (EN)
Monitoring and Research
  • Maintain inventory of Staffordshire mosses. (EN)
  • Seek to monitor the creation, restoration and management of this habitat throughout the County. (SWT, EN)  
  • Promote the biodiversity and landscape value of mosses to the public and landowners. (SBAP Partnership)

Complementary Plans
  • Staffordshire White-faced Darter SAP
  • Staffordshire Snipe SAP
  • Staffordshire Lowland Heathland HAP
  • UK Raised Bog HAP
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