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Action Plan:  Habitats
Farmland, Grassland and Heathland
Ancient/Diverse Hedgerows
UK Lead Organisation:

County Lead Organisation:
  • Halt the net loss of ancient and diverse hedgerows and achieve a favourable level of management for such hedges.
  • Increase the net length of native, species rich hedgerows within the County.

  • Ensure development plans provide for the protection and management of species rich hedges. (LAs) 
  • Ensure all hedges under threat of destruction are surveyed for their importance. (LAs)
  • Seek to ensure that all future hedgerow planting is either species rich or is in accordance with the area in which it is to be created. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Implementation of the Hedgerow Regulations 1997 that leads to some hedgerows being protected by law.
  • Some hedgerow systems are classified as wildlife sites (SBIs) and are recognised by local authorities to be of some importance for development control purposes.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • A number of agri-environment schemes offer grant aid for maintenance and creation of hedgerows.
  • Encourage favourable hedgerow management e.g. codes of practice on cutting time, leaving a strip of un-sprayed land along hedgerow edge etc. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • For hedgerows along roads, canals and railways, seek to ensure that the controlling agency practises appropriate management. (Highways Agency, BWB, Railtrack)
  • Promote the restoration of defunct old hedgerows wherever possible. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Encourage planting of new diverse hedgerows using locally native species. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Encourage planting and/or regeneration of more hedgerow trees. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Seek to restore and create native, species rich hedgerows in appropriate areas. (DEFRA, FWAG, FoM, TNF, Developers and Landowners)
  • Promote the biodiversity and landscape value of ancient diverse hedgerows to the public and landowners. (SBAP Partnership)
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