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Water Vole (Arvicola terrestris)
UK Lead Organisation:

County Lead Organisation:
  • To halt the decline of the Water Vole population in Staffordshire.
  • To ensure policy makers are aware of the need to retain the integrity of river corridors for the movement of species such as the Water Vole. (EA, SWT, EN) 
  • Seek to include actions to promote water vole conservation in catchment management and LEAPs for catchments with suitable habitat. (EA)
  • Seek to enforce speed limits on navigable waterways. (BW)
  • Ensure any examples of sites containing populations of this species and that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee)
  • Ensure appropriate sites containing populations of this species meeting the SSSI criteria are designated. (EN)
  • Water vole is a protected species under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • To survey and monitor all known sites to define the Staffordshire water vole distribution. (SWT, EA)
  • Where bank side and bed works are planned, seek to undertake a full survey for water voles. (EA, IDB, BW)
  • To include Water Vole conservation in management plans for post-mineral extraction areas and initiatives. (Mineral Companies, CRP)
  • To inform fisheries managers of water vole colonies to ensure their protection during fisheries management works, and to ensure beneficial enhancements are incorporated into fisheries and flood defence schemes and projects. (EA, SWT)
  • Seek to restore suitable water vole habitat on watercourses at identified sites where there is a possibility of natural re-colonisation from existing colonies. (EA, DEFRA, FWAG, BW)
  • Seek to provide riparian buffer strips adjacent to intensive agricultural land. (EA, DEFRA, FWAG, BW)
  • To advise riparian landowners and managers about the vulnerability of water voles to inappropriate riparian management, and give advice on suitable management. (EA, SWT)
  • Increase species awareness of water vole for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (EA, SWT)
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