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Action Plan:  Species
Farmland Seed-eating Birds
Species covered
Bullfinch, Corn Bunting, House Sparrow, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Tree Sparrow, Yellowhammer
UK Lead Organisations:
Corn Bunting (RSPB / NE) 
Linnet, Reed Bunting, Tree Sparrow, Bullfinch (RSPB)
UK Lead Organisation:
  • To reverse the decline in farmland seed-eating birds.
  • Seek to ensure agri-environment schemes are appropriately targeted to include measures to benefit these species. (NE) 
  • Seek to incorporate beneficial farmland bird management practices into Staffordshire County Council farms estate tenancy agreements. (County Farm Estates)
  • All the species covered receive protection under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • Seek to target Environmental Stewardship at areas known to be farmland bird 'hot-spots'. (DEFRA, FWAG, CRP)
  • Seek to ensure the Environmental Stewardship is used effectively to deliver good quality habitat for seed-eating birds. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Promote full use of multi-annual set aside to deliver 5 year management plans to benefit seed-eating birds in 'hot-spot' areas. (RSPB, DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Develop links with major landowners in the county to advise on management issues to benefit seed-eating birds. (RSPB, FWAG, SCC, Water Companies)
  • Consider developing of a county wide network of feeding sites, in suitable locations, using local community and youth groups, parish councils, schools etc. (RSPB, WMBC, SWT, SCC)
  • Promote the BTO / RSPB Breeding Bird Survey which is carried out across the county.
  • Ensure bird recording in the county continues to highlight key sites. (WMBC, RSPB, SWT)
  • Increase awareness amongst the farming community of the decline that this species has suffered, and the measures that can be taken to reverse the decline. (SBAP Partnership, WMBC, CLA, NFU)
  • Make use of existing literature to promote conservation measures for these species. (SBAP Partnership)
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