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Action Plan:  Species
Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish
Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
UK Lead Organisation:
County Lead Organisation:
  • To reintroduce a self-sustainable population of salmon appropriate to the catchment.
  • To ensure continued monitoring of the species.
  • To safeguard the quality and quantity of water sufficient for the fish.
  • To maintain and enhance quality fish habitat, to improve damaged fish habitats and remove barriers which prevent the free passage of fish.

  • To raise initial stocking costs of 30k. (EA) 
  • To stock fry and parr into the River Dove below Rocester weir annually for five years, until a significant number of adult salmon return to spawn. (EA)
  • To provide advice and publicise the conservation of the species and the correct management. (EA)
  • To ensure that appropriate Staffordshire LEAPs (i.e. the Dove at this stage) include specific measures for the reintroduction of salmon. (EA)
  • Atlantic Salmon are protected under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975, supplemented by the Salmon Act 1986.
  • The species is listed under the EC Habitats Directive Annex IIa.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • The EA continues to safeguard migration routes between the river and the sea. EA maintain a monitoring programme of fish stocks and has developed fisheries strategies for river reaches in Staffordshire and across the country.
  • To continue to consider the requirements of the salmon when developing Capital Flood Defence Schemes. (EA) 
  • To research the effects of weirs on the passage of migrating fish. (EA)
  • To establish where fish passes should be provided to enable the free passage of fish. (EA)
  • To further research the possibility of fitting a fish pass to Tutbury Weir on the River Dove, to open up a twenty-seven mile stretch for spawning, up to the next weir at Rocester. (EA)
  • To continue research into maintaining a genetic diversity in stocked fish similar to that found in the wild. (EA)
  • To raise awareness amongst fishermen, farmers and flood defence engineers on the conservation needs of the salmon. (EA)
  • Increase species awareness for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (SBAP Partnership)
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