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White-clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes)
UK Lead Organisation:
Environment Agency 

County Lead Organisation:
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
  • To prevent the decline of the white-clawed crayfish population in Staffordshire.
  • To maintain the current white-clawed crayfish population in Staffordshire.
  • Seek to ensure all Staffordshire LEAPs include specific measures for white-clawed crayfish conservation. (EA) 
  • Seek to promote the issues relating to the spread of crayfish plague. (EA)
  • Object to applications for crayfish farms and the issuing of licences for the release of non-native species into the wild. (EA)
  • Lobby for changes in the Countryside Stewardship scheme for options to improve wetland habitats. (SWT)
  • Ensure any examples of sites containing populations of this species that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee)
  • Ensure appropriate sites containing populations of this species meeting the SSSI criteria are designated. (NE)
  • Object to applications for crayfish farms. (EA & DEFRA)
  • The white-clawed crayfish is listed on Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Appendix III of the Berne Convention and in Appendix II and V of the European Habitats Directive.
  • Seek to ensure that suitable mitigation is undertaken on development adjacent to watercourses. (Developers, LAs)
  • Implement measures to reduce the spread of non-native crayfish species. (Angling Clubs, Water Companies, British Waterways)
  • Ensure flood defence and routine river and pool maintenance work is compatible with native crayfish habitat needs. (EA, IDB)
  • Increase species awareness for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (SBAP Partnership)
  • Provide advice to landowners on suitable habitat management for white-clawed crayfish. (EA)
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