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Action Plan:  Species
Plants and Fungi
Dyer's Greenweed (Genista tinctoria)
UK Lead Organisation:

County Lead Organisation:
  • Maintain all existing populations within the county.
  • Increase the range and number of populations of this species within the county.

  • Ensure any examples of sites containing populations of this species and that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee) 
  • Ensure appropriate sites containing populations of this species meeting the SSSI criteria are designated. (NE)
  • All the current sites containing dyer’s greenweed are currently classified as Sites of Biological Importance.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • Encourage the uptake of agri-environment schemes on grassland containing this species. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Continue with appropriate management of the species at all known strong populations within the County including the fields at Deep Hayes (SCC) and Cotton Dell. (SWT)
  • Ensure landowners and managers are aware of the presence and conservation significance of this species, and appropriate habitat management methods. (SWT)
  • Increase species awareness for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (SBAP Partnership)
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