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Action Plan:  Species
Plants and Fungi
Native Black Poplar (Populus nigra var. betulifolia)
UK Lead Organisation:

County Lead Organisation:
  • To protect and retain all remaining black poplar trees.
  • To increase the population of native black poplars at appropriate locations in Staffordshire.

  • Ensure that the records of all existing black poplars are incorporated into the development control system. (SER) 
  • Support the work of the national Black Poplar Working Group and update them on the situation in Staffordshire. (SWT)
  • Ensure any examples of sites containing populations of this species and that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee)
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • Seek to increase the population of native black poplars of local provenance in the County by planting at appropriate locations and investigate potential planting areas away from known sites, in other river catchments. (SCC, TNF, FoM, CRP, Mineral Companies, Developers and Landowners)  
  • Maintain at least one permanent propagation unit to safeguard existing stocks. (SCC)
  • Maintain a database to record existing locations, new planting sites and maintain records of propagated stock. (SCC)
  • Arrange for further genetic fingerprinting of the black poplars to establish the genetic base of the population and identify genetic variation. (EA)
  • Ensure that all donor trees used for taking cuttings are native black poplars. (EA)
  • Advise landowners on appropriate planting and management of the native black poplar. (SCC)
  • Increase species awareness for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (SBAP Partnership)
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