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Action Plan:  Species
Plants and Fungi
Pink Meadow Cap (Hygrocybe calyptraeformis)
UK Lead Organisation:

County Lead Organisation:
  • Maintain the current population by site safe-guarding and limiting damaging activities such as agricultural improvement.
  • Where the species occurs, establish beneficial management practices to increase the population.

  • Ensure any examples of sites containing populations of this species and that meet the required criteria are given SBI status. (SBI Grading Committee) 
  • Ensure appropriate sites containing populations of this species meeting the SSSI criteria are designated. (NE)
  • Pink Meadow Cap has been listed as a costed, key species in the UK Steering Group Report.
Management, Monitoring, Research and Survey
  • Seek to target Environmental Stewardship on grasslands known to contain strong colonies of this species. (DEFRA, FWAG)
  • Seek establishment of suitable grazing/mowing regimes on all existing sites where the fungus is known to occur. (Landowner, SFG)
  • Seek to control scrub invasion on all existing sites where the fungus is known to occur. (Landowner, SFG)
  • Seek to ensure that appropriate survey work is carried out for any development proposal that may affect this species. (LAs, SFG)
  • Continue participation in national ‘Waxcap Grassland Survey’ to identify new sites. (SFG)
  • Encourage regular visits to known sites to determine the current status of the species. (SFG)
  • Review current collection, handling and dissemination of fungus distribution data with the aim to improve the current database. (SFG, SER) 
  • Increase species awareness for the public and landowners through education, promotion and events. (SBAP Partnership)
  • Advise landowners on the management needs of this species. (SFG)
  • Increase awareness and identification skills of surveyors by publishing articles and holding workshops. (SFG)
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