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Biodiversity Duty (NERC Act 2006)
NERC Workshop Pack
Interactive Training Session
This training session is aimed at small teams (ideally 6-15) within Local Authorities who are seeking to gain further information about NERC Legislation and biodiversity. The aims of the training are; 
  • To understand what NERC legislation and the conservation of biodiversity means to the team and the Authority
  • To identify ways in which the team can positively impact on the conservation of biodiversity
The training materials are flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of an individual team or Local Authority.  The materials are made up of: 
  • Trainers notes
  • Handouts
  • A card sort master (handout 3)
  • A powerpoint presentation
  • Case studies
* Individual Case Studies are available to download from the popup presentations window available on the NERC Presentation and Case Studies page.
* The complete Workshop Pack can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
*  You can also download an individual Workshop Pack component by clicking on a page image thumbnail (bottom of this page).  All documents are in ".DOC" format and available to download in ZIP format.
*  The Powerpoint Presentation is in ".PPT" format and available to download in ZIP format.
Download complete Workshop Pack  (ZIP file; 2.18MB)

Viewing and using the Workshop Presentation
Click on the thumbnail (above) to launch the Workshop Presentation in a new popup window.  The popup window will look similar to that shown below.  The image (below) shows how to use and navigate the presentation.
PPT Presentation
Introduction Trainer's Notes Handout 1 Handout 2
NERC and Biodiversity

(2.13 MB)
NERC Workshop
NERC Workshop
Trainer's Notes
Biodiversity Definitions
Biodiversity Definitions
and NERC Legislation
Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 Handout 7 
NERC & Card Sort
Benefits of Conserving
Taking Stock &
Moving Forward
LA Impact on Conserving Biodiversity
Action Planning